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Friday, October 30, 2009


It seems to be one of those days when I'm just a little behind on everything, so today's blog post will have to be a quick one. While I was in Target trying on a sweater I was going to tell Josh when he asked where it came from that "Oh this? It's been in the closet forever!" He gave me a call to ask where I was, because he was home for the afternoon. He wanted to get one last day in of hunting and wanted me to go with him. Bleh. I agreed to go on the stipulation that I would not be helping him drag anything back to the truck. I sat in his truck for two and a half hours while he did his manly stuff and I read my book. I got nothing done that I wanted to get accomplished today, but I did get some of my book read. Reading is always a nice way to "waste" away the day. So like I said, I'm behind on absolutely everything today. And, that story about the sweater I was going to pitch him was out the window to because he was going to see it as soon as I walked in the door anyway.
Without further ado, here is a photo of what might be the most beautiful office I have ever seen. At least I think it is an office. It's an office area, anyway. It's no secret that I love natural light. I say it every day, and I also say everyday that I want huge windows in our future house. I mean huge, floor to ceiling windows would be perfect. I would give anything if I could look out these windows every day while I work. I like the view from my office, but this must be spectacular. I would spend all day in there, and only emerge to use the restroom and gather more snacks and coffee. It's perfect. Everything about it is perfect about this space. I really wish Josh would let me paint our hardwood floor white... That would never happen, but one can dream right?

So this is the space I am dreaming of today. Have a wonderful Halloween weekend!

I cannot for the life of me remember where I found this photo.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Light and Airy

As a general rule, which many of you who read this blog know by now, if there is anything expensive to love, I find it. And while it's great to have expensive taste, there's nothing wrong with wanting good quality stuff, it doesn't fit within my budget 99% of the time. So I'm left with finding ways to improvise. I'm all for having one expensive piece, and a piece that I can compromise with that is a little more practical in the price area. Although, again as many of you know, I am anything but practical.

Case in point, I have a beautiful homemade desk my father- in- law built me in place of a desk I found at World Market for (I think it was $100). I don't know how much my desk cost to make, it doesn't matter. I love it, I can stand at it and still work perfectly. It has built in file drawers, and a book shelf on the other side. It's pretty perfect. The top is laminate so I can't ruin the desk if I write on a piece of paper. And on that desk is a $100 "Photographer's Task Table Lamp" I do have my priorities straight. A beautiful lamp that was purchased by my MIL and Josh's grandma for my birthday this year. Yes, I'm pretty much surrounded by the best gift givers in the world. Have I mentioned the World Market entry table we own in the living room given to us two Christmases ago by my mom? I'm loving the "piece of furniture every year for Christmas" thing. I'm hoping for a sofa or entertainment center this year.

Now that you've been told about my expensive taste, and my impracticality I can get to my point for the day. For our new bedroom, (the first time we've ever been able to paint might I add) I wanted to go for something light and airy. I am a huge fan of color in a room, thus the reason we are going for red on the walls in our living room. Forget having a cohesive look for the whole house, I like so many different styles, every room will have a different feel. Like I said, the bedroom I'm going for a light and airy look. As much as I like color, I also like non colors as well. My wardrobe is a testament to that. 90% of what I own is gray, black or white. A little navy blue is in there too. I'm a fan of classic looks, but I know I need to add a little color. Even the four items I bought two weeks ago while I a shopping trip were gray. Gray skinny jeans, which by the way are a size 2, just saying, 1 gunmetal gray top that has pockets in the front, and a gray leopard print blouse... and black booties. Sorry, I'm off topic again. As you can see, I like my gray. So what better color to paint the bedroom than gray? I believe that bedrooms are a sanctuary. I want our bedroom to be peaceful, a place to re energize and relax.

I've decided to go with a light gray, the color I chose, I think is a little too light, you can't tell that it's gray, but I think I have the perfect gray picked out now. I've picked out a really girly bedding, much to Josh's disappointment, so I'm going to offset the girliness with a few pops of a Kelly green type color. I don't know what I can use that's green, but I'm definitely on the hunt.I love the color green, its not too feminine, and I do have to remember sometimes that I have a husband. A husband who oddly cares about the interior look of the house. He cares about the weirdest stuff. He has fabulous taste. Case in point, our dining table, and the tuxes at our wedding. I told him what I liked, he was in agreement, walked into the shop all confident, said, "this shirt, this tie, this tux, and these shoes." We left 15 minutes later. We agreed on those two things, and have yet to agree on anything else :)

So because I am going to make him suffer with white bedding, with frilly gray detail, I'm going to use some green in there too, and the green is a go... At least it was the last time I talked to him. I'm also on the hunt for end tables for the bedroom. I was thinking white, but then I came across mirrored furniture, and fell in love. I'm doubting Josh will go for that, but I'm going to try to slip them in. They are a little modern, but I think they will work. Although, the ones I want are $400 dollars... A piece. So I will need to be on the look out for something reasonable.

To finish off the look I need a huge piece of art for behind the bed, to act as a headboard, and some sheer curtains. And if our room was big enough I would have two pretty little stools at the end of the bed.

Potterybarn mirrored bedside table

Perry Street Clock by Kate Spade

And this will go on my bedside table. Officially on my Christmas list

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Dream Sofa

Josh and I are currently on the look out for living room furniture. The horrendous mismatch of cream leather, and 1960's 70's ugly mustard chair mixed with a gloss white vanity, and dark wood dining table and entry table just isn't cutting it for me anymore. We are on an extreme budget, I'm hoping to use a little bit of the $8,000 tax credit we have coming our way to purchase a couple pieces of furniture. This is my dream couch. I don't care if you don't like it. It makes my heart skip a beat. Josh says it's not too bad, but doesn't look comfy. I really wouldn't care all that much about comfort if I got to look at this every day. We would probably have to pass on the whole having kids thing, because it's made of velvet too. Kids and velvet don't go hand and hand. No biggie. With a couch like this I wouldn't need kids;) I'm off to hunt down something more practical. Does anyone know where I can find a reasonably priced gray couch?

Look! It's even studded. There couldn't be a more wonderful couch. Sigh...

I Love Being A Girl

I don't know how many times over the last three and a half years that I've been with Josh that I've groaned, screamed, sighed the words, "I hate being a girl." The cramps, the insecurities, the drama, the crying,and the stressing... I mean really. Women are unpredictable. I am definitely a testament to that. We love with everything we have, we make decisions with our hearts when we should make decisions with our heads. But not all of those things are bad things. We are emotional, and passionate, loving and kind. We are attuned to the needs of others in a way that the opposite sex can never be. We have bonds with soul friends, that can't be broken, and we have the need to make connections with people. We have style, and class, beauty, and brains. A combination that cannot be stopped! And some of us are lucky enough to have men in our lives that drive us crazy, but realize when it comes down to it, they truly do adore us. We get to pamper ourselves, wear high heels, talk for hours, and laugh til we cry. So, as awful as it is to feel like you won't age as gracefully as your husband, or the dread you feel because that cellulite on the back of your legs just won't go away, remember that it really is a beautiful thing to be a woman. And love it.

Images found here: The Sartorialist and The Dust Jacket Attic Photos by: Scott Schuman, Serge Guerand, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Place I Feel Most At Home.

We barely scratched the surface when we were in Rome.Even though we were surrounded by millions of people who spoke another language, I've never felt more at home in any other place. Italy holds my heart, and I miss it with every breath I have in me. :) Have a wonderful Monday!

photo found via weheartit via flickr

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Just a little photo that made me smile today. I want to know why Josh and I missed out on Laduree when we were in Paris. These macaroons are beautiful, and I am determined to learn how to make something similar. I don't care if I don't like them, they are just pretty to look at! If you want to check out more from Laduree go here part of the excitement of the treats from Laduree is the packaging it comes in. Oh, the packaging is spectacular! Enjoy your Sunday. I'm off to grab my book and some coffee! Au revoir!

Photo found here: Beyond the Pale

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Room I Wish I Had

Do you ever have that feeling of nostalgia that you just can't figure out where it's coming from? Being in a place you've never been before, but feeling drawn to it, like there were memories there, but you know you haven't had them? As soon as I saw this room, I felt something. Cheesy, right? I know. I keep coming back to it in my files, and to the blog that I originally found it from. I don't know what it is about this room. The floor to ceiling book shelves, the colors, or the floor to ceiling windows (I love myself a good set of windows) and I love natural light. Everything about this photo just makes me want to spend the day curled up on that chair with a good book.

Photo found here via Michael Haverland

Have a Wonderful Saturday!


Friday, October 23, 2009

I Still Can't Get Enough

Of Kate Powers' work. This pairing might be my favorite two photos from her entire site. I really can't decide though, as I've said, I can't get enough. There's something so fresh about her images, and the clothing? Divine, of course. Everything is pure magic. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Photo by: Kate Powers

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Saw This...

and almost died... Isn't it the most wonderful thing you have ever seen? My heart almost stopped beating when I saw this beautiful chiffon necklace. It's stunning. So if anyone wants to get me an early Christmas present, or even for an anniversary gift, since I already have my gift from Josh. It would be so much appreciated! Anyway, you can take a look at this necklace, and other pieces by Untamed Petals here.

A Quote For Thursday

I wish autumn looked like this in Washington. I do love the rain, but it makes my job so much harder. This photo by Kate Powers is pure magic.

Photo by: Kate Powers

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Heart This!

Had to share this before I headed out for the day. This paper heart collage is made by Etsy seller
Sarah and Bendrix. I would love to have this beautiful piece in my house, it's so bright and so fun! Check out more from Sarah and Bendrix here

Just a little something to brighten up this gloomy day!


Rainy Wednesday

My poor neglected blog. I've been crazy busy since last weekend. Monday we were still in our hometown, I was getting my fall style on, and Josh was resting up from a weekend in the woods. Yesterday was spent surrounded by a mound of laundry, and editing photos from Sunday's awesome session. Today, I'm off to a doctor's appointment... Bleh. It' seems that we have started our season of torrential downpour, so I thought this photo suited our current state well. Hopefully, I will be back to my regular blogging schedule tomorrow. Try to enjoy your rain filled day if you are living in the Northwest!

Photo by: Phillip Newton

Friday, October 16, 2009

Have A Fabulous Weekend!

My hubby is having a guys weekend this weekend, so I'm out to find something to do with myself. Saturday night I'm spending some time with sweet friends, I have a session Sunday morning with an awesome family, and I'm so excited! Monday my hair is going dark! FINALLY! I definitely need a change. And going a little warmer is always a good idea for the winter months. I'm thinking a chocolatey (is that a word?) brown. Have a fabulous weekend darlings!

Photo by: Yelena Yemchuk

Savvy Photographer

Just a quick post to start off the morning, I'm laying in bed about to get back up and get ready for the day. I came across The Savvy Photographer's Blog a couple weeks ago, and I was amazed. I was on the hunt for some inspiration on flickr, when I saw that a photographer announced she had been featured. I immediately went over, and was in HEAVEN. I sat on the couch in front of my mother's tv for the next two hours, while Josh asked when we were going to get ready to go home. I couldn't leave the blog, what if I lost my place in the archives?!

There is so much to learn on this blog, about photographers, and their craft. My favorite part, aside from the photos? The questionares... I love questionares. I could sit and read them all day. I've found so many inspiring photographers in the last couple weeks, that I might have never found out about. And wouldn't that be a sad thing? So I'm sharing this gem with you in hopes that you can find some inspiration this morning, tomorrow, next week... Whenever! You won't be disappointed!

Right now there is an awesome giveaway that I'm working on being a part of Skye Hardwick's Workshop Workbook will be given away to one lucky person, and I would LOVE to be the one lucky person. I never used to enter these sort of things because, "I wasn't going to win anything anyway." Well I'm trying to have a new outlook on life. :) I definitely can't win if I don't try! So I'm trying! So pop on over to The Savvy Photographer, take a look at some beautiful photos, you might just become inspired!


Thursday, October 15, 2009


I saw this photo this morning, and I about died! I'm in love. I'm not really a fan of Kim Kardashian, although I do think she is beautiful, but this photo from her Kurv magazine shoot is stunning. Definitely inspiration for my next wedding, minus the nudity of course! You can see more from Kim's "Barbie Shoot" here and check out more from Kurv here.

Photos by: Tony Duran

Enjoy your Thursday!

Thursday Randomness

Today is one of those days when I just don't know what sort of topic to stay on for my post, so I'm going to put a disclaimer on it now and say that these photos are totally random. Let's call it "inspiring photo day" Enjoy!

This Blumenfeld Vogue Cover was my first photo of inspiration this morning:)
I hope I look this good this fall

And this good

This made me smile:)

And this makes me a little nostalgic, for what I don't know, it's just so calming.

Images here: rubypr, flickr, Jalouse, Apartment Therapy, Plush Palate

Monday, October 12, 2009

House of Telsa

I came across Etsy seller House of Telsa while going through the archives of one of my favorite blogs. I adore most everything girly these days, and these rosettes are no exception. I love rosettes on everything from shoes, to purses, to headpieces like these. I just really can't get enough. I'm actually kind of sad that I don't have anywhere to wear one of these beauties... Sigh... I guess I just need to start hosting events so Ican dress up more often. I had a hard time choosing more than a few to show, but pop on over to House of Telsa to see more beautiful vintage inspired pieces!

This one might be my favorite because it's understated enough to wear everyday:)

I love the black and pink combo here, and the veil. It adds a french boudoir look!

This one is a cuff. I wonder if you could add a little pin on the back and put it on a blouse?

I might cry if I got to photograph a bride wearing one of these!

Go take a look at House of Telsa


Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Weekend!

I had an entire post for Friday, but because I'm so busy today I won't be able to share it until Monday. I have a packed weekend, but it should be a beautiful weekend. FINALLY, I will get to shoot the engagement session that was booked for September. I have two engagement sessions tomorrow, a meeting with a wedding client tonight and a baby shower this weekend! Have a fabulous weekend!

Image found [here]

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Classic Beauty: Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz is on the cover of November's issue of Vanity Fair. I've never paid much attention to her film career, but may now in the future, as the article shined a little light on who she is as a person and as an actress. What I want to talk about today is, in fact, her beauty. There is something about her that is stunning, but at the same time there is something odd about her, and I think that is why I like her so much. One minute she just looks like a normal person, and the next she is this amazingly beautiful woman who you can't help but stare at. It's the way she carries herself that is so mesmerizing. The photos in this issue are gorgeous, and I will be using them for inspiration for future boudoir sessions:) Enjoy the photos, and go take a look at the article on VF's website if you don't have a subscription to the magazine!

I haven't decided which image is my favorite #1 or #3. They are all wonderful!

Photos by: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Goodness, Truth and Beauty

I found a poster like this one on the Keep Calm Gallery, and Liked it so much, that I did a quick recreation for myself so I could look at it in colors that made me happy:) I always save quotes, and this one stirred something in my heart, and kept coming back to it. Here is my pink and gray version of the quote.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Pine State Biscuits

Last month Josh's parents drove down to spend the day with us, exploring. Josh has become a hermit since we got married, and refuses to go anywhere unless there is an agenda. He is not a roam around type person like I am. If there is not an hourly schedule, and a breakdown of what we are doing in those hours, then forget it. Because he has important things to do, like watch football, and play xbox. And those are important things, right? Right?

I got a comment from a friend's sister-in-law who has been keeping up with my blog. Finally proof that I'm not just talking to myself on here, and she asked where we had gone to breakfast, since I announced it on the blog that day. She asked me to give a recommendation, and such. And I thought, why not, I've never done a food recommendation before, I'll take a stab at it.

Pine State Biscuits was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Josh and I watch regularly, and have it on DVR. We are an exciting couple, also on our DVR list is, Man Vs. Wild, Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, and I regularly record Samantha Brown's Passport to Europe. We might not be getting out of the house to do yard work, but by God we know everything there is to know about how to make a sleeping bag out of a dead sheep, and where the best restaurants are in Europe. If anything, we have our priorities straight, we are enhancing our minds as we stare at the t.v. and drink our coffee on the weekends we just happen to be home. But that's a whole different story, back to the one I am posting about.

Pine State Biscuit is located on 3640 SE Belmont Street Portland, OR 97214. Hours are 7am-2pm, seven days a week.

So lets start with ambiance because to me, that is just as important as the food. If you are looking for a place to sit down, and serve you, this is definitely not the place for you. And because it is so popular people are lined up out the door, and down the street. I don't remember how long we waited outside, 45 minutes? or so before we got our food, maybe longer. This is not a sit down place, yes there are 2 or three tables, but it's so crowded its hard to enjoy your meal while you are inhaling your food because the people crowded around you are ready to jump on your seat as soon as you make a motion to get throw away your Styrofoam container and grab your purse. And BOY, did we get the stink eye when Josh's parents snagged us a seat for the four of us next to the window. The only person it bothered was me, apparently. I just don't like someone hovering over me during each bite.

Josh was not pleased about having to wait, once he is ready for breakfast, he is ready for breakfast, and you will know when he isn't happy. He complained and made comments, for 45 minutes while we waited in line. About everything... Literally everything. But that has more to do with Josh's attitude than the restaurant. Ever since living in Europe we are firm believers in meals being an event with good food, and good conversation.

And second, the food was great. Josh and I both ordered the Biscuits with Sausage gravy, and hash browns. Josh LOVES biscuits and gravy, but I'm slowly trying them out. These were definitely yummy, I THINK they had paprika in the ingredients. Added just a little extra.

So all in all, I would recommend Pine State Biscuits if you aren't worried about a wait, and taking some time to eat. The food was good, and it was so fun to check out a place that has been featured on television. So if you have a chance go check it out! You can check out the menu here.

Photo via [here]

Photo via [here]

Happy Eating!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Lonny Mag! :)

I had a blog post started this morning, but got crazy busy this afternoon, and I never got a chance to come back to it. I will have to start over next Friday, as I think I'm going to try out doing the same thing every Friday:) Anyway, since everyone is gushing about the new Lonny Magazine, I think I will too.

Ever since Domino Magazine closed it's doors I (and everyone other interior design lover) have been on the hunt for a magazine to help fill the void. I've tried a few different magazines, but resigned myself to awful thought that Iwould never find another magazine that would make me feel the way Domino did. Crazy right? That I could feel that happy about a magazine? But just ask my mother. I'm the girl that stands in the magazine section of Target or Safeway smelling and feeling the pages. I love magazines, and paper products that much. I love words, I love typefaces, I love interior design. I love just about everything. What I don't love? Those pieces strewn throughout the magazine that just happen to be everywhere, asking you to sign up for another year or two... That's probably the only thing I don't like.

When I heard about Lonny Magazine I was still a little skeptical, but I was not disappointed when I flipped through on Josh's computer. His screen is alot smaller than mine, so I was having to scroll back and forth. I've looked through it twice, and will be looking at it again!

Here are a couple of my favorites! I'm sure if you are a regular to any other blogs, you have seen these photos already!

Go check it out! You won't be sorry!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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