Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Wedding Weekend

I'm headed home for a wedding this weekend. One of my very best friend's is getting married tomorrow! Tonight the festivities begin with the rehearsal dinner. :) I've got my bridesmaid's dress packed, and I'm ready to go! Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy the sun!

Google via Martha Stewart Weddings


I came home last night to a husband asking me if I wanted to open my present tonight or on my birthday? "How about tonight? Well, it's not your birthday today... You won't have anything on your birthday.. You're not a big birthday celebrator, though, but whatever you want... How about you open it tonight?"

So I decided to open my present last night, because I knew that for the next 3 days Josh would be following me around asking me if I wanted to open my gift.

I was then banished to the garage for 10 minutes... I thought maybe, just maybe I was getting a puppy. After all, I've received everything from art work, to a kitten. Nope, no puppy, which is probably a good thing, because that's one more thing we can't afford.

Josh sent me on a little scavenger hunt throughout the house with clues to finding my gift. I ended up with a bottle of wine too. :) He definitely knows the way to my heart.
They are a little big, so I'm having to have a 9 shipped in from the closest place they had a pair (California) everywhere else is out in a 9. I'm holding out that those fit because they don't make that shoe in half sizes apparently. If they don't fit life will probably end as I know it.

My favorite part about this whole thing is that I mentioned the shoes in passing while on the hunt for a pair of sandals for last weekends wedding. I had pointed at them and said I loved them. Isn't it adorable that he remembers stuff like that. Another birthday, another great gift that did not dissapoint.

I'm one lucky girl:)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Audrey Inspired

It's no secret that I love all things Audrey Hepbrun, I've posted about her before, and I've also posted about the fact that I think I love her so much because she reminds me of my mom's mom. My grandma had that classic, effortless, fashion sense, and she was always just a few steps ahead in not only her fashion sense, but her interior design sense as well. I would LOVE to have that effortless look that my grandma, and Audrey pulled off so well.

Here are some Audrey inspired fashions that I would love to wear!

Found here

Giambattista Valli's Spring/ Summer 2009 Collection

Found here

I'm in love with this dress!

Vera Wang Dress

The Icon Herself

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Jenna Lyons

I found this photo and decided that I want it, when I came across this article earlier this week. This article on Jenna Lyons is a good read. Not to mention, the photos and the clothing are lovely to look at! Enjoy:)

This would look so cute in a little girls room, or even in an officeHave a wonderful Saturday!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

This Little Guy

I spent my morning with this little guy. Now I'm off again! Just wanted to spread the cuteness around!

Happy Thursday!

I'm headed off to a session in about 45 minutes. I'm so excited. Then its off to Monte to get my bridesmaid's dress fitted for a friends wedding that's taking place next weekend. Busy, busy day. I hope these clouds burn off here! I found this last week via Snippet and Ink. Have a wonderful Thursday!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Black and White Bathrooms

It's a known fact that I am easily distracted by pretty things. I could seriously sit all day and look at photos of most anything. Interior Design photos could keep me entertained for days, trinkets, furniture, artwork, you name it, I've oogled over it for hours.

Colors, and color combinations usually catch my eye first, and nothing catches my eye more than black, white and red. Our wedding colors were just that, and 95% of everything we own is either black, whiteor red or a combination: The coffee pot, the popcorn maker, wool trench coats, luggage, laptops, my cell phone is black, and the house phone is red. I am practically a carbon copy of my grandma (my mom's mom). If I could talk Josh into putting down red shag carpet (like my grandma had) I probably would have that too.
So, why not have our walls painted in the same color scheme? So I've picked out our color scheme for the living room, and the kitchen, Although, I'm a little worried that because our counter tops are tan, It will look funky with the color choice. We will have to see... The combo is none other than RED, but instead of going with black and white, we decided to go with a slate gray blue (more like I decided, and Josh actually agreed). These two colors will start in the living room, and wrap around to the kitchen.

The bedroom color will be gray (im so excited, Josh, is not). I've got so many ideas rolling around in my head for the bedroom. Now I am onto the bathroom colors, and decor.

Right now the bathroom is mint green, and while that is fine for my ice cream, it's definitely not fine for my bathroom. One thing Josh and I agree on... We don't like it. We need to keep it light in there because the room is TINY, I mean tiny. Each place we have lived the bathroom gets progressively smaller. In Idaho we could have put a couch in the bathroom, in our apartment here we had more than enough room to move around, and now, it's a struggle for both of us to stand at the sink. And because I'm not a pastel color person, or a white wall person, my mother must think I've fallen off my rocker to pick white for the bathroom walls. But black and white is probably THE best color combination, and just think of how nice black and white photos will look on the walls? And a nice black cabinet above the toilet. Although, it would have to be pretty high to go above the towel bar.

I'm trying to talk Josh into letting me paint the cabinet black. And I would love to retile the floor, but that is far in the future. :)
Here is what our bathroom looks like now, and some inspiration I've been putting away for when the time, and money permits us to redecorate!

I love how spa like this bathroom is. I adore windows. I could live in this room!

Via Apartment Therapy

Might be my fave bathroom ever... I love free standing tubs!

LOVE the sinks here... and the lighting...

Love the free standing tub, and the shower. Josh and I want one of those showers with the multiple shower heads.

This tile!

Now I need a awesome white shower curtain!:)

Im not sure where the other photos are from, I found them via google. If you know the original sites, let me know!

Have a wonderful day! I'm headed out for a session, and bridesmaids dress alteration, so have a wonderful Thursday too!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Weekend!

I ADORE Peonies!
We're headed home tonight, and then tomorrow I am off to a bachelorette party tomorrow! Good Food, Good Friends, and Fun! Have a wonderful weekend!

Via Here

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Office

I've been asked a few times to show picture of our brand new house, but because it is still somewhat a disaster area, I won't be posting pictures until next week. The back room, is currently the room where Josh's random stuff resides. My office is also housing two boxes of DVD's, a box of picture frames, and Comcast equipment that needs to be returned before someone starts looking for their stuff. Oops. They should really come pick that kind of stuff up, rather than making you bring it in, Right? There are so many walls in this house, and we don't have anything to fill them with. I am so used to having a fireplace with a little mantle that I don't know what to do with all the stuff that went on it. I will have to get some little shelves to put on the huge empty wall we have in the living room.

Paint colors for the living room, and bedroom have been picked out, but painting has been put off by me due to the fact that I would rather pay the bills and eat than buy paint that isn't a necessity right now. This house poor thing is going to really cramp my style, I can already tell. I have a bachelorette party to go to this weekend for a very dear friend, and you know how that goes. Spending a small fortune on a gift, the hotel room, dinner and dancing. In fact, we might not get to eat for the next few weeks... Oh well, right? :)

I am finding that I love my office. Although it is pretty blah right now, it is mine. My desk is all set up. So I'm in business. I'm alot less distracted in my own seperate place. At the apartment, I was right next to the TV, which I know doesn't need to be turned on, but I can't help it. I have become that housewife that got hooked on Soaps, yes, I was pulled in. No I didn't just sit there all day and watch Soaps, I listened while I worked. Thank the Lord we have DVR now, so I can record these shows and watch them later on... Alot later on because they drive Josh crazy.

All I need are some Bon Bons. Thats what guys think housewives do right? Sit and watch cheesy Soap Operas and eat Bon Bons. I'm rarely just sitting in front of the TV. Except for that day where the thought of unpacking another box made me sick. I took a break and watched TV, and let me tell you, I was totally depressed that day. I hate just sitting. It puts me in a really bad mood.

Another plus about being in my own space is not being able to see everything else that needs to be done with the house. I cant see the dishes that need to be put away in the kitchen, and I cant see that load of laundry that needs to be done. I tend to do cleaning about three to four times a day. I love a clean house. My mom says this will not be something I can partake in when Josh and I have kids... It will be a complete disaster all the time. I'm already thinking of ways to keep things organized when we have kids. And in our little house, this will be crucial! Sorry kiddos, no toys for you! We just don't have the room.

I do have a picture of the lovely view from my office, our bedroom is in the room next to my office, so this is the view I get every morning when I look out our bedroom window too:)

I will have pictures up of our house soon. You have to promise, though, that you won't make fun of our hideous mismatched living room furniture. Truly and eyesore. One day we MIGHT have something that matches, and I won't have to continually apologize for the randomness. And if anyone wants to donate money to our Living Room furniture fund that contains a whopping $0 so far, feel free! We would be so grateful.

I snagged this idea from my friend Shauna. I love to read her little snippets of info.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Birthday Wish List

So its about that time again. My birthday will be rolling around here soon. Two days after one of my very best friends gets married:) I've found that the older I get, the more my birthday gets lost in the shuffle of things, and that doesn't really bother me all that much!

There are a few things that I want this year. Pretty things.

I've mentioned before that Josh is an excellent gift giver. I've received pieces of art. Camera gear, and a even our kitty, Cairo, who we decided was better off living at Josh's parents, being as our next door neighbor has about 8 cats and 4 dogs. Anyway, I'm sure Josh will not disappoint this year!

Here are some of the things that are on my wish list this year!

Circle Love Bird Necklace by: Figs and Ginger

Believe Perfume By: Lollia Life

I have the cabbage rose hand cream, and its AMAZING!

I Love You Blogs and Coffee Poster By: MadeByGirl's Jen Ramos \

Tim Walker Photo Book

Guess? Carrie 2 Pump

Cant find these pumps anymore:(

Pottery Barn Desk Lamp

This Sweater By: J Crew

I also asked for a pretty handmade silk robe, but I don't think I will get it. If I do by chance get it, I will post it online here!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Monday, July 13, 2009

I Could Scream

This is a bit of a rant, so if you get angry easily, you would be wise to stop reading now. :)

It is widely known that I have a temper. It runs in the family... I try to calm it as much as possible, but there are a few things that make me so mad I want to scream. 1. Not being able to find something I need. 2. People not doing their jobs, and 3. When things don't work right.

All three make me want to scream and throw things. I get mad, really mad. So mad, in fact, that it could probably ruin the rest of the day when one of these three things happens.

Today is one of those days...

When Josh and I moved to our house, we decided to try something new when it came to cable and internet. We were really unhappy with our service with Comcast at the apartment complex. Calls would cut out, and do that annoying disconnect sound at least 2 times everytime I was on the phone. I wanted to throw the phone every time. And then, I would be kicked of the internet, and lose a dial tone on my phone all together at other times. Needless to say, Josh and I wanted something different at our next place.

With that, Josh decided on Direct Tv because he had heard good things about it from friends at work. We had our Tv hooked up a few days after we moved in... We came to find out that, no we do not get ABC, NBC, CBS and other channels similar. Who would want 200+ channels if you didn't get these channels. Strike 1. I will go more into this later....

Strike 2, was when they told me they couldn't manage to figure out how to get the connection to make it to our house which comes from a box somewhere down the road. "We will have to come back tomorrow and have someone take a look at it." No problem, things like that happen. Two days later, STILL NO INTERNET. No one came to fix it. I know you get busy. There are probably 500 other people pissed off like I am that there connection isn't working, but you could call me and tell me, so I don't have to sit here all day when instead I could be running those 5,000 errands I have to run. And did I mention that my business revolves around the internet? Oh no hurry, I can live witout it.

Friday when I finally got the chance to call to say that we were missing channels like ABC, NBC, and CBS. What? Really? Like I said previously, Who wants the Choice +DVR package with 200 channels if I don't get the basics? Josh and I watch very few channels: ABC, The History Channel, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, and Food Network. I watch the new 3 times a day. No, I don't want to watch CNN, I could fall asleep watching that. If I have to watch Nancy Grace with her nails on a chalk board voice one more time, I might throw a plate through my tv...

So when I called did I get to talk to a person? NO. Yea right, God forbid I would get to talk to a human. It's so much better to talk to Judy the electronic woman who wants to tell me about the fight, and how to order it on pay per view. Then I was asked what my problem was. All I had to do was use a few key words like "My account, and I would be whisked away to a far off land where they answered all the important questions like, How much my current bill is, and what package I have. The first time I was asked what I needed help with by Judy, I sat there with my mouth open totally blank.

How in hell as she going to help me with my problem? I think I uttered some sort of squeak and Judy told me that she couldn't hear me. Of course you can't, I didn't say anything. She's bright that Judy. I bet she is the most popular electronic customer service lady at Direct TV. The next time I was asked, I rattled off something like Cable packages and apparently I wasnt specific enough. If I had said Account info, I would have been fine, but I'm out of luck because I need some other assistance. When I FINALLY got to talk to a human, after 15 minutes of arguing with monotone Judy, I talked to some girl with an attitude. Do you ever catch those people's names anyway? They always say it so fast, I have not a clue who I'm talking to.

I explained my problem to Tiffany, lets call her that, and she told me that I DO have local channels, but ABC, NBC and the like are not local channels, but National channels. Fine... 1. Then where are my local channels? She told me, and nope, I don't have them, I can't see them, but she never answered me how to get them back. Because YES, I do have them. I hate people with attitudes when they are in customer service.

I was informed that I need to go online (I didn't have internet yet) and fill some sort of form out asking if I can get these "national channels" hooked up at my house here high on the hill. Seriously? And with that she hung up on me. Yes, she did. Rage built up inside me, but I didn't have time to deal with it. STRIKE 3

And there's more. So when we finally got our internet hooked up, much to my surprise, or maybe not so much, with the way things were going, I fould out that that "pretty fast" internet that lady I talked to when I ordered DIRECT TV was in fast a crawling backward pace of a snail. This will not work. I run a business online. I have a website, emails I need to get to, blogs to get to, an ordering system that goes through the internet that I need to get to, and this is all after I wait 45 minutes for the internet to decide to work. This is going to triple my work flow time.

Strike 4.

So tomorrow I will be calling Direct TV to see if I can get this all panned out. Let's hope I can do all this without screaming at someone. I'm a friendly person, I just want people to do their jobs in helping me when they need to, and I want things that I need to work efficently, to actually work.

When I get this all figured out I will be back to running a business and blogging like a normal, non crazed person:) Have a wonderful week. I'm so glad Monday will be over soon!

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