Thursday, June 26, 2008

Things I Adore

I've been spending some time looking at pretty things this morning, things that makes me smile and things that make me happy. While things aren't the only thing that make me hapy (that would be sad) I have to admit that I adore pretty and wonderful things. So, I thought why not post a little blog about the things I adore, and I'm hoping you will write down a few things too. I've only been getting comments from this wonderful girl named Nicole, and while I absolutely adore her and her comments, I want to hear more about you people... The few people that read this. So here goes. I use the word adore here instead of love be cause I love the word adore. Does that make sense? Here goes.

adore: 1. To love somebody deeply: to love someone intensely
2. To like something very much: to like someone or something very much.

*Magazines, paper, cards and stationary. I know that's way more than one, buare all paper products. This falls into a bit of an obssession area. If I could I would probably subscribe to almost every magazine out there. I love the way the pages feel, the smell, all the new excitement in new magazines, and I clip things out and keep things I like, and that inspire me. And I have another obsession with all things stationary and card related. I have to pick the perfect card with the perfect design whenever I get a card for someone.

*Large bath towels... That are soft... Back before Josh and I got married I went through stores picking out my favorite colors. I found these great dark teal Nate Berkus (Oprah's interior designer on the show) towels that were like half off. I adore them. Josh hates teal and turquoise, and pink.... and purple for that matter, but I think he is okay with these towels.

*Glorious bedding. We're too poor to buy some really fluffy gorgeous bedding, but I love gorgeous bedding. I love sheets too. For the wedding we got a couple of sets of 400 count sheets:) ahh..... I like bed frames too... different types.

*Flowers. Mostly roses. I want a huge rose garden. I also love orchids, peonies, lilacs, daisies, daffodils and poppies just to name a few. Oh, and Alyssums are pretty sweet too. ;)

*Cherries. It's cherry season, and we aren't home where I can get a huge bag and devour them within a half hour. I usually got a couple bags a week. I'd make myself sick from eating them, but I forget easily, and I can't get enough of them. We bought two small bags last weekend. And when I say small they were just a pound each, but they were much better from the farmers market than the grocery store. We also got organic bananas from Ecuador, and dried mango! (As I was eating my banana my brother told me that tarantula's sometimes grow in there. But the said he was lying) of course I almost died.

*paints and canvases. There is nothing like these two things. They hold so much promise and can create so much beauty. Not so much on my paintings, but on others. I love the look of paint on a canvas, it warms my heart.

*Iced tea. Josh calls me "the connoisseur of tea" wherever I go I have tea and the I analyze it. I don't like lemony iced tea, although I do occasionally like a lemon in it (not with the recent findings, though) I very rarely put in sugar, and my absolute favorite tea I've ever had is at BJ's Pizza in Lahaina, Maui. Next is Cheescake Factory. I like that little bit of minty fruit flavor. Sad, huh?

* Cameras, I don't think anything gets me as excited as I get when I see a beautiful old or new camera. They are beautiful. There is a Canon 40D down at Best Buy

*Movies: They are such an escape, I love everything about them. I want to be a movie critic, but I would like most everything, so I don't think that would work.

*Interior decorating. I love these types of magazines the best. I love paints and furniture decor I love it all. Maybe I should do that?

*Old books. I love falling apart, old smelling books. Classic books are my favorite. When we were in Rome we came across this book/ thrift store type thing. We spent forever in there looking at different things. We came out with a few things, a couple Roman holiday posters, some old albums and a book of Shakespere's plays all in Italian!

*My husband. Of all these things I adore him the most. We have our problems, but he is so good to me. The other day he went to take the garbage out and had picked a leaf for me because he couldn't find a flower. He felt bad it wasn't something more pretty,but the thought was wonderful. I love my leaf. I even took pictures to document it.

These are just a few things I love. I could proably go on forever and ever. What do you love? Send me some things! I'm begging here! I will leave you with a couple pictures. I keep a file on my laptop of "Things I Love" here's a peek at a few things that are tucked away:

The Hasselbad Camera

Two loves books and interior design (Domino Mag)

Iced Tea! Photo from

Tell me about some of the things you adore/love!

God Bless!


Monday, June 23, 2008

Kyle's Photo Shoot!

Finally, finally, finally I had someone to photograph.... I've been dying to get some pictures to work with, some pictures of a realy person. I take photos of Josh every once in awhile, but Josh loses interest quickly and lets me know it.

This weekend my mom and brother came down to Boise to spend the weekend visiting, eating, taking photos, and going to the movies! All were fun by the way. I took the first group of Kyle's senior photos yesterday. I know it's early, and by the time June rolls around next year he will be so much more grown up, but from this set we can get a headshot for the yearbook! I can't believe Kyle is already a senior, and it's even harder to believe that he will be 18 in August.

It seems like just yesterday that we were making treasure maps together. Me, wanting them to be more authentic so I would be lighting the edges on fire to create that burnt old look, and Kyle observing naively only then to be handed the flaming piece of paper because I was scared after it caught fire. Luckily he didn't end up with third degree burns, but this weekend he claimed that he has nerve damage in his hand and is more immune I guess you would say to pain in his one hand due to the scorching fire I accidently started.

Anyway, back on topic. Kyle, my mom, Josh and I all headed downtown to the city center of Boise to take pictures. Where Josh and I live, in the newer part of town, everything is new developments and sod farms. Bleh. So we went down to see what we could see. And we found! We found old buildings, doors, some steps and alot of hot weather!
Thank you for being such a great model kyle! It was so much fun! I love you so much! Here are some of my favorites!

This was nice=)

Had to throw this one in there.

I can't get this one to work with a watermark or get it big!

What's going on? But here it is anyway, just small.

Isn't he a good lookin' guy! Thanks so much kyle! More work to do! Have a wonderful day and let me know what you think!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


So I've just been wandering around here taking photos for the last couple months, but as of this weekend I will be able to photograph a real person! I'm doing the first round of my brother's senior photos. I'll be doing a second set in August. I can't believe he's a senior this coming year. I feel super old. I've gotten all teary a couple times, and he's not even graduated yet!

So my mom and brother are coming down which means we will get out of this dungeon we call an apartment and into some 90+ degree weather! I know all you folks back at home are jealous. I do feel bad, but that's not going to stop me from almost frolicking with excitement because the weather is absolutely glorious. Hopefully I will get some good shots and have them up soon! Have a wonderful night! and Friday!!!


Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I've had alot of time to think lately, and even when I don't have the time to think, I tend to do so anyway. I've started to write out blogs numerous times since my last one, and every time I have thrown it out and started over. I don't have alot of interaction with people, so I don't have too many stories, and I end up trying to figure out if the few readers that read this will take my words put them away in their minds and their hearts, and toss them around in their thoughts for awhile.

I've thought about talking about what I do during the day... That's boring... I thought about writing about my darling husband, but then I thought, "It might look like I'm making complete fun of him when I'm not..." So I ruled that out too. Like I said, I've thought this over alot, and even as I sit here tonight I don't know if I have enough to write out one complete thought. I've been having so many fragmented thoughts... Jumping from one topic in my brain to another. They connect in ways, but usually only ways that I understand, and only I care about.

I've been missing home lately. This is something I knew would happen. I think I've missed home since I left. Josh and I have been here two months as of today. Some days it seems like we just got here, and then there are others that just seem like we have been here forever. I guess that could be said for anyplace. I think it seems longer when you're away from the people you love the most. Family and friends are my air. They are who I am. My happiness is in their happiness. Does that make sense?

So I'm going to confess that while I have doing well here there are days when I get down. And on those days little things upset me. I wake up this way, and usually go to bed that way. But usually these are forgotten about by the next morning and I am feeling at peace with where we are and what we are doing here.

I am an observer. I think I always have been. I'm a people watcher and I usually really take in most things around me. There are those occasional times when I dont pay much attention, but everyone does that.

On days when I'm sad I go outside. I breathe in the sweet smell of summer and I remember what God gave me. He created this place, he created this place to work in similar places all around the world, and I think that sometimes this small fact comforts me. I feel the warmth on my skin, I breathe the air and I know that others are doing the same thing. I like to think that people I know are doing the same things. I used to do this as a child when I missed someone. I thought of all the things that we could be doing that were the same and I felt a closeness.

Today I woke up and I felt good. I felt blessed to live the life I live. I walked outside and warmth enveloped me. I listened to a song that inspired me today, and I realize how far I've come, but still how far I have to go. There is something about this artist that touches my heart and really makes me think about my life. But what I take from them could be completely different from what someone else takes them. I feel a healing from these songs, and I love this feeling.

Here are a few things that comfort me when I'm feeling by myself, things that lift me up.

1. Listening to songs I remember from my childhood. Mostly songs my dad listened to that remind me of him.

2. I do something creative. I think of new things I want to do, I write them down and stash them away.

3. I write about everything I am thinking about. Today I have written a few cards, written to a friend, and written in a journal, and now I'm writing on here. I'm good today, though. Writing is a part of my daily life.

4. I take photos. Nothing helps more than writing and photography.

5. I feel... I take in everything I absolutely can. I revel in the noise of this place, and those few seconds of complete silence that make you look up from what you are doing. I feel every emotion that I have to its greatest extent. I recognize it, bask in the glory that I am who I am, and go on to something else.

6. I talk to my momma! That always makes my day better. She's a pretty cool mom.

7. I watch reruns of Golden Girls and Reba. I've watched Golden Girls since I was a child, and that always makes me feel better.

8. I make sure I cuddle my husband extra on those days when I'm having a bad day. I look for his comforting words, and his confidence boosting, "You can do that if you want to " way of thinking.

9. I talk to God. I've been doing alot of this lately. I do forget to pray when I go to bed most nights. I start and then fall asleep, but I talk to him throughout the day, so I think he forgives me.

and I have to have a 10. since I've had everything else.... Let's see...

10. Whenever I'm having a bad day I talk to my sweet friend Beka. She always tells me I'm going to be okay. These simple words are comfort on a day when I don't think these words can be true. I have the best family and friends a girl could ask for.

What do you do when you are having a bad day?

Please tell me!

Have a wonderful, beautiful blessed day!


Friday, June 6, 2008

Just a quick note for the morning

I'm really starting to think that this apartment we live in eats the things that I need. There is no way that it can be because, while I am an organized person, I'm a little scatter brained when it comes to remembering where I set things down. I lose my cell phone constantly. Josh says all the time that if my head wasn't attached, I would lose that too. I could get mad at that comment, but the fact is, that statement is totally true. Within the last week or so I have lost 4 things that I need/want.

Case #1: Something I lose all the time without fail, my lens cap. Apparently, I need a little strap attached to my camera to keep the lens near me. Do they have those? Or maybe I could just glue it to the bottom? But that would damage it, and there is no way I would knowingly damage my baby. Anyway, I spent days looking for it, figuring it dropped underneath the couch just like everything else. That wasn't the case, and I pondered and pondered for days. I was dusting on a whim the other day, needing to be productive, and I found it on the shelves above the t.v. I was so happy, I called my mom. I've been really stressed over it.

Case#2: my 25% off the total purchase at Michael's. I guess I can't set anything on the table because it disappeared from there. I looked for an hour. Tearing everything out of the envelope organizer on the counter, tearing through file boxes, and a stack of papers in the bedroom. NOTHING. Nothing, nothing makes me more mad than loosing something I want, and not being able to find it. I ranted for awhile, and then pouted. Apparently, I'm four, but I really, really wanted 25% off some canvases and paint! I still haven't found it, it probably got thrown away...

Case#3: A copy of our check for rent this month. I always get a copy, and guess where I put it the other day to keep track of it? On the table. I looked for an hour yesterday, going through everything, filing. Can't find it. I'm sure it's here, though. I think I remember sticking it in something, I just don't remember where.

Case#4: I can't find my pen. I started out with a set of 5. I'm a huge pen snob, and only like one type of pen. I found then while we were in Germany at the PX, they have them here, obviously, but I've never used them before. They are the liquid Uniball V7's. They are so smooth for writing. I'm a loser, I know. I collect pens, and office supplies. I loved going shopping for school supplies when I was in school. So, I lost all the others, but one, and I stuck it in the envelope drawer last night when we went to bed. I put it in there because I had lost it yesterday, and found it under the couch. I wonder how much time I spend looking for things? Anyway, I looked for about 10 minutes, nowhere to be found. So, I sat down to write this blog. I waited for Josh to get home to ask him. I asked him if I put the pen in the drawer, he said yes, but he borrowed it. I was so relieved, then he proceeded to tell me he lost it in my car!

Guess where we are going today? STAPLES yes! Two cases have been solved, two more to go. Am I the only one like this? Or are there others out there like me! I'd like to know!

Have a great day!


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Look What's For Dinner!

So I've been a little leery to use my camera considering there is dust and a big huge smudge in the right upper corner of my focusing screen. I know you can't see any of that in the picture, but it really bothers me... I mean really bothers me, enough to bring the smallest of tears in my eyes. Apparently I'm a little emotional when it comes to my camera. Anyway, I decided to bring joy to my heart and take a few pictures of our yummy dinner we had tonight.
Last weekend we bought Everday with Rachel Ray the magazine. Have I ever said how much I love magazines? I want at least 6 different subsriptions, at least, that doesn't include photography magazines. Anyway, I found alot of really good looking stuff I wanted to try, the only problem is that these ingredients end up being so expensive, and like most young couples we are on a bit of a leash when it comes to money. The first thing we made was: Plum, Chicken, and Red Onion Kebabs. We substituted the plums for nectarines because they are bigger. The major reason I picked this one because it was so pretty looking. I loved all the bright colors. Here are a few pics of our yummy dinner!

If you want the recipe let me know, or get this months issue of Everyday with Rachel Ray. There are so many good things in there!

Have a great night!


Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Today I feel: Anxious. I wonder alot if I have what it takes to be a creative person. I worry that I won't be successful, and I will have to find something else to do with my life. But I don't know what else I am good at.

Today I see: Sun peeking through the clouds. And this gives me hope that today will be a beautiful day. But it's going to start raining soon. Hopefully, some day soon the sun will stay. Nothing is more depressing than the hope of a sunny day, only to be replaced by rain!

Today I want: A couple things, I want to clean the apartment in record time, and I want to do something creative! I have a few things lined up, but sometimes actually doing those things doesn't pan out during the day.

Today I hope: I can be somewhat productive. Productive by my standards is not being met. And I hope I can keep my spirits up today. I miss my friends and family!

What do you need today?

Have a great day today, and take a few minutes to think about what you need today.

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