Tuesday, January 12, 2010


We got word yesterday that life was going to be able to go back to normal, and after my initial tears, prayers, and telling everyone I knew that everything was going to be okay, I hit a wall. It was finally okay to relax, to stop holding my breath, but it was the middle of the day, so I wasn't going to sleep. Although I almost fell asleep on my laptop a few times. It took everything I had to wait til Josh got home to take a nap. We "rested" which isn't really rest when we are on the most uncomfortable couch in the world, and when the dog is sleeping on my face, for about an hour.

Neither of us could sleep last night, I had too much running through my head. Prayers, and then the projects I need to take care of, and then details of the wedding I'm shooting next weekend. It starts to consume my sleep about two weeks before a wedding, and I was feeling good because I wasn't letting it take away from my sleep, but then I remembered last night that I had other things to worry about, so now I better start thinking about this wedding coming up. And there I am at 2 am thinking of poses, and time, and "Will this area work for the First Sight? Because the light over there is terrible." Josh tossed and turned too, and then the dog was on the bed. Yes, the dog was on the bed... Tossing, and turning and scratching, and running around. I was too tired to move her to her kennel, so there she "slept." Yea, I know it's bad to let her sleep with us.
And my mom will say, "You let a dog ruin your sleep?" This from a women who wouldn't let her kids on her side of the bed if they had a nightmare. That was dad's job. What a softy he was!

So this weekend, I'm hoping I get to spend some time recuperating. I need to work, but maybe I'll work from bed underneath our new fluffy down comforter! I wish I had this room to sleep in, I love everything about it. Oh what I would give to have a room just like that! Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

Not sure where the photo is from, I found it online a LONG time ago and saved it to my files.

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