Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So I've started and stopped a post about 4 times since I posted last. Something funky is going on with blogger. I no longer can choose text style, or color, which, yes is a big deal to me. Linking is weird too. Anyway, I've been MIA for a long time, and I'm sorry to the 3 people that read this blog. I've been working away on prepping for last weekends wedding, and working on ways to revamp my business in for 2010. I've also had a lack of things to post about because I've been left a little uninspired.

But I popped over to some of the blogs I frequent, and over at Ruby Press they posted about a Spring 2010 Campaign for the Dace Clothing Line. And let me just tell you, when I popped on over to Dace and saw the Campaign video, I about died.

It's no secret on this blog that I LOVE, ADORE, ADMIRE Europe,Paris especially. My heart hurts with missing. I found myself again on the streets of Paris after my dad died, so I have special feelings for Paris that no one can understand til they have been there. Europe changed my life. So I've been thinking alot about Paris recently, even mentioned to Josh how we should plan a trip there. He reminded me that it won't be that easy to visit next time being as it isn't a four hour train ride. It's nice to dream, though. My dream photo session would be a pretty girl or a couple on the streets of Paris, and this Campaign makes me want to do just that even more.

Take a look at the video here, and enjoy a few photos that I found via The Digital Darkroom. The colors, the location, everything make my heart happy and sad at the same time!

First photo is my absolute favorite. Totally my style!

Au Revoir!

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